Commercial Roof Repair Emergency?

Nature! Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful creations of God! But nature does not always look gorgeous.

It can slip into a ferocious mask at times, sending chills down your spine, making you tremble in fear.

And, the difficult part is that it never rings a warning bell when it decides to change its form.

So, it can be one of those busy days when you are scheduling the meetings and checking the works as usual. Quote from Mike at the best roofing Massachusetts company.

Then, out of nowhere nature takes a murky turn, the winds knots up with a deafening voice, and suddenly the roof above you crumbles down into bits and falls with a thud!

You are left aghast not knowing how to handle this emergency, shaking like a leaf! What to do now? How to handle this?

Well, we are here with some quick pointers that can guide you in emergencies like this!

Hurried Decisions Can Turn Costly!

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Let us accept the truth. Not everyone can have a helping mentality when misfortune strangles you in a tight grip.

There can be those crooked storm chasers who make the maximum use of your woes to make some quick money!

In a hurry to get your roof repaired, business owners often fall prey to these roof scammers. Let us take a look at how these scammers operate:

  • The storm chasers will travel to areas which had been severely affected by the storms or any other impactful environmental fury. They will choose the areas where the destruction of roofs are more than what a local roofing company can manage.
  • They post a ‘help wanted’ ad all over the place. They also promise an attractive pay package in the ad. People flock in lured by the pay package, and thus they make a crew of storm chasers.
  • The head of the team will get in touch with a legitimate roofing company in the local area and offer them help to complete the roofing works. They put forward a deal by which the storm chasers get to use the local company warranty and name. In return, they will pay a handsome amount as profit share to the company
  • They start taking up roofing works all over the area, and the clients will not doubt them as they are using the local company name.
  • They start collecting huge insurance amounts for all these repair works
  • They quickly leave the area with all the money. Soon, the low-quality roof works begin to fail. But, no trace of any one of them will be there in the locality. 
  • All the complaints begin flooding in the local host company, and they will struggle to pay the warranty. Soon, the company will lose its business or run with an irreparable bad name.

This is how people can fall as easy preys to storm chasers who loot their money and vanish away.

How To Find A Reliable Roofing Expert?

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Now, how to ensure that the roofing expert you choose is a reliable one and not another storm chaser who is here to loot your money? Here are some easy pointers for you to help you make the right choice. We asked Jeff from Oxford Roofers his opinions on this matter.

  • Choose a licensed professional roofing company.
  • Check whether the roofing professional who visits your place to do the works is an endorsed member. To be an endorsed member, they have to qualify a strict criteria list and should also be sponsored by an existing member.
  • The roofing professional should possess valid insurance and a license. 
  • Their track record in working as a roofing professional will have to be verified. This can be done by inquiring about the person in the nearby areas and the companies they have already worked.

Just a simple cross-check of all the above points can help you choose the right roofing expert and not let yourself be another victim of the roofing scammers.

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