Feng Shui office – how to transform your business space

Feng Shui has become a widely accepted method around the world in organizing homes and business spaces. An appropriate Feng Shui office is believed to bring the inspiration, improve productivity and power and when it’s well done, you can boost up the creativity, discipline, and success of your workers and yourself. There are a couple of steps you can perform to equip your office in a Feng Shui style.

Clean clutter and organize

One of the essential factors of Feng Shui is cleaning your office and getting rid of clutter. Messy business space can mess with your head and decrease concentration and creativity and impact your physical and spiritual well-being. When you clean the office, you will feel the flow of positive energy that will help you focus and enhance your mental clarity.

Also, keep in mind your desk, as an essential part of this concept. It doesn’t matter if you space if clean if the desk is a complete mess. In this case, create an organizing system that works for you and deal with tasks on a daily basis. The things you use every day, keep within arms reach, so you don’t have to get up every time. Whenever you are done with the work, try to leave your office organized and clutter free.

Pay attention to desk position

deskBased on Feng Shui principles, you want to make sure you are sitting in the power position. In this case, it means you are looking at the door when seated. In perfect conditions, you should be able to see the entire room. Sitting in a power position is the most crucial element regarding Feng Shui office. On the other hand, if you are too close to the door, you will be distracted by many details. If you share your business space with someone, then you should avoid sitting back to back but also face to face. Both positions will indicate the conflict. In addition to this, if you can’t avoid sitting face to face, create a barrier between you and your coworker by placing the plant.

In an open-plan office, where a lot of desks are placed, use plants in corners to soften up the edges. Sharp edges may create discomfort and irritability. Also, make sure to use suitable colors because bright and vivid colors can be too active and large offices.

Use appropriate artwork

If you want to equip your office in a Feng Shui style, then you need to fill your business space with images and objects that will inspire you and improve creativity and productivity. In this case, you should add flowers, art and beautiful window treatments. You should and the photos, images and motivational messages that symbolize what you are trying to achieve.