Common Myths about Attic ventilation

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The roof’s lifespan depends on the contribution from the proper attic ventilation. It is also known that a poorly ventilated attic is the reason for the roofing system to destroy ahead of time. The roofing system can have a longer life by debunking some of the most common misconceptions about attic ventilation. This blog will help you clearing certain age-old myths, so let’s take a look below.

Myth 1: Any Vent Will Do

The roof vents are not all same and so is their efficiency. It has been proved by the roofing experts in Lowell MA that Ridge Vents tops the list among all the other vents. The Ridge Vents has many advantages to its credit for it is modeled and priced reasonably and is also very effective. When looking at the Gable Vents, they support air circulation in a tiny portion of the attic. For better ventilation, Static Roof-Lined Vents are perfect. However they are always on the risks of leaks. Soffit Vents will leave you with a trapped air on your attic top. So make sure that you get good consultation with the right professional to help you find the perfect ventilation system.

Myth 2: More is better

Common Attic Ventilation Myths

An efficient home will require just the right portion of ventilation. When the ventilation is insufficient, it leads to a decreased level of energy efficiency and moisture problems. At the same time, it can also allow too much ventilation as well. Additional penetration is created by the roof vents on your rooftop, or it can cause leakage problems in another area. It may also be the reason for blowing out during a storm or hurricane. Vents are most important for your homes, but too much of unnecessary vents will only add problems to your roof. A roofing expert must be consulted to know the perfect amount of ventilation that your home system demands.

Myth 3: Roof Vents are not good For Cold Climates

The roof ventilation is very important no matter what season. During summer it helps to improve the energy efficiency level. In winter it helps to prevent building up of moisture in the attic.  When the attic is properly ventilated, you will not have to stress about the roof sheathing’s condensation. It will also aid in avoiding water damage. The fact is, it does more good during the cold seasons.

Myth 4: Roof Vents Should Be Powered to Get The Easy Flow Of Air.

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It is one of the most popular myths. A simple ordinary vent, without any powered energy will do the job perfectly fine. Both the system has one thing in common – they work silently without disturbing the inmates. Whether it is powered or simply plain, it will do the job with perfection.

Myth 5: It Takes Away Warm Air during winter

It would be convenient to think this way, especially when it’s icy cold outside. But vents are not to be blamed for they may be leaks in your home that makes it hard inside the home. If your attic insulation is perfect, then the interior attic temperature would be similar to that of the pleasant atmosphere.