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A Monitor Arm or Monitor Desk Mount for your Computer Monitor

Choose a monitor arm or monitor desk arm mount, LCD pole mount, or direct LCD desk mount.

Monitor Desk Mount Solutions

These monitor arms and monitor desk mount applications attach your LCD monitor to your desktop or countertop work surface, lending stability and security to your display. Our monitor arms are organized into three sub-categories for your convenience. A direct LCD desk mount attaches your monitor to your desktop on a fixed-form pole. A monitor desk arm Mount adds an articulating LCD arm to the mounting pole for flexible monitor adjustments. You can also use a monotor arm as a monitor pole mount behind or through the desktop for a greater vertical adjustment range.

Direct Desk Mounts
Direct Desk Mounts

Monitor Desk Arm Mounts
Monitor Desk Arm Mounts

A Monitor Arm or Monitor Desk Mount for your Computer Monitor. Monitor arms and LCD desk mounts attach to your work surface by three methods: desk clamp, through-bolt, or grommet mount. A bolt-through monitor desk mount is the most seamless installation option. These bolt through desk mount, monitor arms require drilling through the desktop or work surface and attaching by bolts and screws to the underside. In the final result, the LCD desk mount appears flush with the desk top with none of the hardware exposed. The bolts offer tamper-proof mounting, while the weight and breadth of the worksurface helps to balance the weight of the monitor load, especially heavy multi-monitor displays.

A desk clamp is the least invasive kind of desktop mount. The clamp attaches to the back edge of your desk or counter top and screws on to the underside with no drilling required. A clamp is an ideal computer desk mount for changeable environments where users may shift or desks may be repurposed. As a third option, many of our desktop mounts attach through the grommet hole in your desk. This offers the security of a through-desk mount while taking advantage of a preexisting hole. A desk grommet mount will typically use a ring-like application to secure the mount on either side of the grommet hole.

An LCD pole mount kit is an alternative LCD desk mount option that can be installed through a grommet hole or behind the desk. A complete LCD pole mount kit includes a pole of your specifications along with a pole-mounting monitor bracket. The monitor may mount directly to the pole or may attach by an articulating monitor arm. The pole provides a greater vertical range for placing your monitor, while the LCD arm provides extension and instantaneous height adjustments by hand. For this reason, a monitor pole mount from our monitor arms section is an excellent sit-to-stand solution for a flat panel desk mount.

For most purposes, a monitor desk mount arm provides all the adjustable height, swing, and extension required to change positions or users at any time. The LCD desk mount arm extends from a vertical stand that is direct-mounted to the desktop. The monitor arm may have 1, 2, or 3 links that fold and extend to provide a custom vertical or horizontal adjustment range. Support multiple monitors on a single monitor arm, or select a dual LCD arm desk mount with separate articulating LCD arms for two monitors. Adjust the desk mount LCD arm for height, distance, angle, and rotation to best accommodate your workstation and tasks.

For multi-use retail and kiosk settings, and for fixed workstations where the user or task is not likely to change frequently, a direct monitor desk mount is the more efficient solution. A direct desktop monitor mount is a simple, fixed vertical post with no extension piece between the post and the monitor. The monitor may attach to the monitor arm or post by a flexible tilt bracket, or it may attach to a horizontal beam on the post when there are two monitors or more. The post is direct-mounted to the desk top. Direct LCD desk mounts include POS and touch screen mounts, fixed multi-monitor arrays, and desktop pole mounts.

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