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About Flat Screen and Flat Panel

- Comparison of technology and terminology of CRT and LCD computers & TV and monitors

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The term Flat Screen refers to the lack of monitor screen curve. Thanks to technological advances, flat screens are now designed into computer and TV monitors. The surface upon which you see images is flat, or almost flat, cutting down significantly on glare and providing viewing convenience.

Unlike the originally designed TV and computer monitor screens that featured a curved glass surface and a cathode ray tube within, the term "flat screen," does not apply to a single technology. Computers and televisions may now feature flat screens, whether they are based on the older CRT (cathode ray tube) technology or newer LCD, plasma, or other technology. A CRT built with a flat screen will still be housed in a bulky cabinet, because a CRT uses the bulkier cathode ray tube technology. If you are looking for a monitor or television that is only a few inches deep, you must ask for a flat panel.

Flat Panel TV and flat panel computer monitor. The overall depth of flat panels, whether TV or computer monitors, is thin, only several inches deep, leading to the term "flat panel" being applied.  Using modern technology that is not dependent on bulky internal features, liquid crystal displays (LCDs), plasma,  electroluminescence, or other advancing technologies, allow for a compact, streamlined, and lighter weight body panel. 

flat screen and flat panel

 flat panel computer

flat panel

Size requirements of CRT vs. LCD and plasma technology differ. The physical size difference between CRT technology and LCD technology is clearly visible in the photos below. The sheer bulk of the cathode ray tube requirement (in left hand photo below) makes a thin body design impossible, while the sandwiched cells of LCDs (seen in right handed photo below) require minimal space. Thus, while both may be built with flat screens, a CRT would not be called a flat panel.

flat screen CRT
LCD flat panel design

Basic CRT internals.

Sandwiched layers of an LCD design

Price is just one distinction between flat screens and flat panels when you're shopping. Because CRT technology is "matured" over the last 80 years, the economies of design have brought the price down. Thus TVs and computer monitors using CRT internals are far more affordable than new technologies that result in flat panel design, at the present time.

Flat panel mounting flexibility with ergoindemand.com. Because of the design construction of flat panels, they are far lighter to handle, move, and even, turn. Their thin body requires less depth when placing them on a surface anywhere in a room. When purchasing a flat panel, consider the convenience of all the many mount options you will enjoy. There are stands, cabinets, and mounting arms providing you with placement and movement flexibility. Mounting arms for computer monitors can also provide you the ability to rotate your computer monitor from portrait to landscape. Because flat panels can be elevated off your desk and  furniture, you gain additional surface area and your environment seems much roomier.

Whether you are purchasing an LCD computer monitor, or a plasma, or LCD TV, ergoindemand.com has a full line of mounting arms and furnishings that offer you desk, wall, cabinet, table, or ceiling mounting.

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